What is a DApp?

A DApp is a decentralized application or a Blockchain application that works exactly as the name suggests, i.e. instead of a centralized client-server, it runs on various servers scattered around the world – all acting as nodes – providing unseen security, faster uptime and enables entirely new business models.

A DApp is an application whose server-client models are truly decentralized while other applications are Centralizes or Distributed as illustrated in the figures and list of criteria given below:

nasgo dappjpg

Criteria for an application to meet decentralization:

  1. A decentralized app is open source and autonomous, meaning that any change can only be executed by consensus and there is no single body holding a majority of tokes in the network.
  2. Protocols and Data are stored cryptographically in a Blockchain
  3. The cryptographic tokens are used for rewarding network users as well as for application access.
  4. Tokens are generated using an algorithm that encourages contribution to the system by members of the network.