Get Started

Team Global Affiliate Link


This is a short guide to help yo get started with ShareNode:

There are two ways to enroll a new community member. The first option would be to click “Enroll Someone” in the right upper corner of the ShareNode dashboard:

nasgo sharenode registration enroll partner signup

The second option would be providing your partner with a customized affiliate link that you will find in the “My Account” –> “Profile Information” section of your ShareNode dashboard.

nasgo sharenode customize affiliate link

Both options will prompt you to that page:


PS: The video above that screen is worth watching. It’s an interactive iDecide video that provides a lot of useful information about the NASGO Ecosystem.

Please fill out all the information on the left and make a decison what package you want to buy on the right.

Buying 250 SNP will enable you to become an affiliate partner.

Buying 1.000 SPN will not only grant you an affiliate status, you will also be able to benefit from daily rewards.

If you click “submit” you will be prompted to the payment page where you will see all payment details (amount in Bitcoin and address).

Please pay the exact BItcoin amount displayed. Otherwise it might take up to a week to get your funds back!

After successful payment you will be able to log in and see your 250 SNP or 1.000 SNP in your dashboard.

Congratulations! Now you’re an official ShareNode member!

The second option would be to provide your partner with your affiliate link and have him or her go through the same process.

You would rather watch a video? Here it is: