About Amico

Amico is an Integrated Application Ecosystem which allows you to use:

– Payment System
– Instant Messenger
– Social Media
– Cryptocurrency Mall

And that’s all in one app!

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-27 um 15.55.30.png

Thanks to Amico you can:

– talk to friends around the World
– buy anything you like
– sell your products
– pay for everything with cryptocurrency

Many people call it the eBay of cryptocurrency.

Amico eBay  for Cryptocurrency.png

How it works?

We have seen that in addition to the cryptocurrency, an entire ecosystem must be created that will allow people to communicate in business and making transactions.

Amico App Interface.png

It’s time to take advanced of the possibilities that Blockchain technology gives you!

Start using it and you’ll never want to stop!