Nasgo – The next big thing?

Dear Crypto Enthusiasts,

if you are reading this, there is probably a chance that you’re into crypto currency. We are going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you are looking for the next big thing in the crypto space.

If that’s the case, the following information might be very interesting to you.

Let us take you to the 90s for a moment. That was the Era of PC. Business has quickly moved to personal computers. Many jobs have been replaced by a computer.

The 2000s was the Era of domains. Business has transformed from offline to online. Local addresses changed to a domain address.

The 2010s was the Era of apps. 2009 the 3G network and App Stores were on the rise. Meanwhile we have over 5 billion mobile phones around the world.

The 2020s is the Era of Blockchain. 21st-century enterprises have to solve the issue of TRUST. Transparency and non-reversible data are the new trend.

nasgo sharenodes history


A new decentralized internet 2.0 combines Blockchain and .com and is called BlockCOM.

Do you know how the internet works? It’s not easy to explain. But it’s easy to use. And that’s exactly the vision of Nasgo with Blockchain.

Almost everyone has a domain nowadays. 332.4 million domains were created in 2017.

The new decentralized internet 2.0 is offering so called Blockchain Domains (BDomains).

Nasgo has the vision to make it easy for small and mid-size businesses to take advantage of the huge opportunity the Blockchain is offering. Nasgo is already being referred to as the GoDaddy of Blockchain.

Having a presence on the Blockchain is considered to be WEB 3.0. You don’t know what Blockchain is? That’s probably the best video that explains it in a few minutes:


Every business will want to have a BDomain one day. Here is midterm forecast by Nasgo as to how many BDomains will be existing in 2019 and 2020.

bdomain forecast


What does it take to make a small or mid-size business Blockchain ready? The so called Blockchain Toolbox provided by Nasgo costs 700 NSG (350$). NSG is the currency used for purchasing side chain credits on the Nasgo platform. You can trade NSG tokens on the Bitforex Exchange.

The Blockchain Toolbox would include three services:

  • Creating Blockchain Domains on demand
  • Blockchain a company which is essentially a simple website conversion
  • Tokenization of a company in 5 minutes


blockchain toolbox

Tokenization of companies might need a bit of explanation. Tokenizing is essentially issuing custom branded tokens that have real value and can be used to reward and incentivize customers or community members. Those are so called utility tokens that are SEC compliant.

In this video the co-founder of Nasgo, Eric Tippetts, explains the vision and mission of Nasgo during the ChainXchange in Las Vegas 2018:

So how can you benefit from that concept if you don’t own a business that you want to tokenize?

You can become a member of the ShareNode community buying and holding SNP (SharNode program) tokens. 1 SNP = 2 NSG = 1 USD

Every tokenized company on the ShareNode network is placed on a Nasgo side chain, ShareNode distributes 10,000 of their credits to reward the Community daily for sharing and validating their business.

ShareNode active members also participate in a percentage of the 2,500 SNP credit bonus given to the community every time a new company tokenizes on the Nasgo Network via the ShareNode community. This incentivizes our community to utilize and grow the ShareNode business directory.

ShareNode active members will be rewarded daily Nasgo NSG daily reward credits for helping build the Sharenode community of businesses. 5% of the cost of the ShareNode Advertising Credits will go Back to the community in NSG credits.

What does it mean for a passive investor?

You will receive 0,0008 NSG per every SNP you own, whenever a new company will be tokenized. The number of tokenized companies per week is limited to 1.000. That means that your passive earnings will be capped at 8% per week.

You will also benefit from growing value of SNP and NSG.

What does it mean for an active member?

If you refer ShareNode to other people, you will receive 10% commissions based on first line investments and 5% based on second line investors.

If you become ambassador, you will get access to commissions paid to infinite levels. You will find a detailed compensation plan here.

Want to know how to become a ShareNode member? Click here.

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